Welcome to Ross Brothers Water Damage Repair Services

Water damage emergencies require the quick action of water repair professionals; and no other company in South Florida knows this better than Ross Brothers. Our experienced professionals have received expert training on how to quickly remove water and begin the drying out process to minimize any long term damage and expensive repairs. We use the most powerful industrial rated pumps and high output drying fans to get your home dry as quickly as possible. Our goal is to restore your home and peace of mind in as little time as possible.

Our water damage repair team will arrive in under an hour in a fully stocked and equipped truck. After examining the situation, we will provide you with a work plan and then get to work. The faster that we can remove the water and begin to dry out your home, the less the overall damage will be. We know that we are working against time to prevent the formation of mold and other, more serious damage from occurring.

If you have experienced any kind storm or flood water in your home, or have any damage as a result of unwanted water; Ross Brothers will clean and repair everything to its new condition. We will also locate and remediate any mold that may have resulted. Call us to schedule a same day service call or for immediate emergency service at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.

Ross Brothers Water Damage Repair Services

Call Ross Brothers Water Damage Repair Services for a 30 – 60 minute emergency response time and professional water damage repairs when you experience any type of flood or other type of water damage. We provide 24 hour emergency water damage and restoration services; and sewage water removal and repair service. We work with most major insurance carriers and if you are insured, we can even bill your insurance company directly for your water damage repairs.

An experienced water damage repair technician from Ross Brothers will come to your home and provide emergency water damage clean up services such as:

  • Perform immediate water extraction
  • Removal of water damaged carpet
  • Clean and sanitize all water damaged and exposed areas
  • Apply mold preventative sanitization
  • Dry out wet flooded building & house
  • Dry out wet flooded carpet & wood floor

Call Ross Brothers Right Now

Don’t take any chances with water damaged property or mold that can quickly spread and cause 1000’s in damage to your home. A speedy response and thorough drying out are your best weapons against costly, long term damage. Ross Brother’s professional technicians are available right now to solve your problems. Call us at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.