Welcome to Ross Brothers Water Damage Restoration

Ross Brother’s water damage restoration is the very best water repair company in the South Florida region. Our water damage restoration team is backed by over 27 years of experience repairing every kind of water emergency and water related damage. South Florida is no stranger to serious storms and heavy rainfall, so having the best team of experts working for you is an invaluable asset. When flood water turns your property into a wet mess, turn to the professionally trained team of experts at Ross Brothers. We will provide you with fast water extraction and water damage restoration services.

The Ross Brothers water damage restoration team knows that there are many causes of water damage in Broward and Palm Beach Counties; and our expert technicians respond to storm damage, water heater leaks, water line and pipe bursts, sewage water backups and much more. Every water crisis gets the same thorough attention, and our certified and insured technicians will always remove every last drop of water. Then we will use the latest drying technology to avoid the formation of dangerous mold and the need for mold remediation.

We know that water damage doesn’t wait to strike until it’s convenient. In fact, these situations have an uncanny knack for popping up at the most inopportune times. Ross Brother’s technicians are available 24/7 to solve your emergency situation as fast as possible. If you have experienced any kind storm or flood water in your home or have any damage as a result of unwanted water; Ross Brothers will clean and repair everything to its new condition. Call us to schedule a same day service call or for immediate emergency service at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.

Ross Brothers Water Damage Restoration Process

Our water damage restoration process begins by immediately stopping the source of the water intrusion. Then we quickly begin to remove the water using the most powerful industrial pumps available. If your situation involves sewage water, we are equipped to safely pump the water out and disinfect the entire area to ensure that no dangerous bacteria lingers. Once your space is completely dry and fully sanitized the Ross Brothers water damage restoration team gets to work on the restoration itself. During this process, we will fully restore wood floors, cabinets, walls, ceilings; or whatever has been damaged and needs to be restored. Any surface or salvageable property that has been affected will be as good as new when our technicians are finished; and the Ross Brothers guarantee of 100% client satisfaction states that we aren’t finished until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

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Don’t allow water damaged property or mold to spread and potentially cause 1000’s in damage to your home. Ross Brother’s professional technicians are available right now to solve your problems. Call us at 954-246-0883 in Broward County and 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.