Welcome to Ross Brothers Water, Fire and Mold Remediation Services

Ross Brothers is an experienced, professional South Florida company specializing in an extensive variety of Water, Fire and Mold Remediation Services. When a water or fire emergency hits, there isn’t time to find out that the company you hired is not equipped to handle the emergency. There are several reasons to choose Ross Brothers and some of them are:

    • Experience: Ross Brothers is backed by 27 years of contracting and restoration experience. Our technicians are hired for their knowledge and experience. Then we put them through an extensive company training program. We only used the latest methods and equipment for removing water and drying out buildings after floods and other water emergencies. This equipment includes industrial strength high capacity pumps and high heat fans and dehumidifiers. We use EPA approved sanitizers that are safe and effective for use in both residential and commercial buildings. Our specialized mold remediation experts are able to locate the smallest areas of mold and effectively remove it and sanitize the affected areas to ensure that it doesn’t return. Our fire restoration services are extensive and include everything from water removal and dehumidification, removal of debris, sanitization and reconstruction. Our relationships with most major insurance companies enable us to directly bill them. This means that in most cases our clients don’t have to come up with the cost of repairs out of pocket.


    • Courtesy and Respect: Ross Brothers is a client-centric company which means that rule number one is to treat each of our clients the way that we would want to be treated under similar circumstances. We demonstrate this in a number of ways. First, most fire and water emergencies require immediate services. Ross Brothers technicians are available 24/7 365 days a year. In most emergency situations we will be at your home in under an hour; ready to go to work. We will explain what we are doing and how we are going to get control of the situation. We will put you at ease while addressing the emergency situation.


  • World Class Customer Service: We don’t consider the highest level of customer service to secondary to restoring your property. We believe that superior customer service is as important as any part of the job; and we build it in by training every employee and every one of our fire, water and mold contractors and technicians to understand and respect our philosophies. We understand the level of stress that comes with water or fire emergencies and we make it our job to not only repair your damage; but we also instill peace of mind in knowing that your problem will quickly and efficiently be solved. We will restore your home and property, and quickly get you back to your normal life.